Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bringing the heat...or an inferno

*Walks in looks around* Whoa time has gotten away from me, and it's not that I haven't been cooking, b/c I have!  I have also been involved w/ an online offline scavenger hunt - some of you that lurk me from the *ahem* other site (insert wicked laughter) know what I mean and I'm still laughing about the episode w/ the sheriff & the orange - psssst  remember the makes a presentation in this meal :D

So the inferno was a good choice word to use for this meal ... I elected to make a recipe called Orange-Chile Tilapia and I should've paid attention to the reviews. It not only calls for cayenne pepper (a TABLESPOON) but also calls for Chili powder - egads!!!!  That's gonna be like a fiesta on fire!!! Over all I thought the flavours were too complex for a mild fish like Tilapia

Onto the scallops first and foremost - PLEASE, please if you're going to use a wine in your recipe, specify what type huh?!  This called for sherry, well there are three types, dry, medium and sweet and it will impact the flavour.  Having said that I used a medium sherry - left out the green onions (who needs them) and thought the water chestnuts lended little if any value to the taste of the recipe...unless you like the crunch factor.

Next up cheddar bread - so the folks at Hidden Valley were kind enough to send me two bottles of ranch (regular and light) as well as two packets of the dry seasoning blend for use in some off my assignments for this month.  Well I know the definition of GRITS and I love me some ranch dressing.  Granted I've never combined ranch dressing w/ cheddar cheese and broiled it on top of bread, but there's a first time for everything. 
Immediate thoughts...I love cheddar cheese, I love ranch - I just don't like the two mixed together.  The choice of cheddar cheese isn't the best.  What would I use...hmm I'm thinking perhaps parmesan cheese, and crushed black pepper - but the ratio needs to be balanced.  I might even use swiss cheese...but cheddar - no thanks.

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