Friday, March 3, 2017

A return to blogging

Where do I even begin? I took a LONG break from blogging for a variety of reasons, namely I don't have regular readers, I blog mainly for myself and thus my absence wasn't noticed.
Do I want regular readers, sure who doesn't, but I also want to hear from those who may actually read my blog...pretty please?! In my attempt to return to blogging, I'll share a quick highlight from 2016!

In September 2016 I was able to attend the Annual Allstars get together in Des Moines, IA!  The trip was amazing!! Upon my arrival to the Des Moines Airport I met up with my Allrecipeeps and we headed to downtown Des Moines to get settled for a fun-filled adventure!

While in Des Moines, we were treated to a curated dining experience, we sampled delicious wine, and cheese from Belgioioso La Bottega, we had a cooking throwdown competition with the Allstars, and we even got to experience designing a magazine spread!

Our wonderful cook off team -featuring Beth, Angie, and myself created a Multi-potato-poblano chowder -our recipe absolutely fulfilled the grading requirements which focused on the use of potatoes, originality/creativity, taste, and appearance. It was disappointing to not win, but in my heart I know it is a winner and that's what matters!

 We had a blast creating a magazine layout for a SuperBowl themed party. It is MUCH harder than people realize and takes a LOT of work to get that perfect picture!
 Here are just a few more random pictures. The quality of some pictures are fuzzy, some are just crazy, others need no explanation.
The Allstars KNOW how to party - add in some yummy food, cool people, and it is sure to be an epic time for all!
The photo booth with props lends for a side of the Allstars few would see otherwise! These ladies (and gents) bring a smile to my face! They are a wealth of knowledge for this foodie!

                                                                                                                    While Allrecipes does occasionally accept applications for new Allstars I view the Allstars as a (not so) guilty secret. An Allstar is passionate about cooking, and for this reason I do not always refer friends into the program.

                                                          Fun with friends...Memories to last a lifetime. The Allstars are my foodie family!

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