Friday, April 6, 2012

Slàinte - so it's a little late

Slàinte (pronounced Slawn-cha) is a typical Irish toast which in translation means "good health".  For time sake this blog will not be so lengthy.   The month of March as an Allrecipes Brand Ambassador saw me taking a culinary adventure via the UK/Ireland Allrecipes page!  I not only had to obtain the products, but I had to figure out what some of the products were!  Fortunately I have a fabulous food market that assisted me in many of these items. 

First up Guinness bread!


This bread was very hearty, and very dense.  It tasted SO good fresh out of the oven, smeared w/ some butter and a drizzle of honey.  This is a bread you would want to eat warm - don't expect it will taste as good the day after.

What's for dinner? 

For the occasion I made Irish Steaks and Smoked Bacon and Irish Cheese Mash  I couldn't really detect the Jameson whiskey in the steaks at all.  I really wasn't overly impressed with this steak recipe and doubt I would make it again.  The mash -or as an American would call it mashed potatoes- were simply wonderful, my mouth is watering at the memory of the taste.  You can use camembert OR if you would prefer a milder cheese feel free to use a brie cheese. 

Ultimately when cooking via a non-US website there will be many ingredients that you will likely have to research - thankfully google is your friend.  You'll also have to learn your metric system -if you're not already familiar w/ it! 

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