Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bring on the grill!

May has got to be one of my favourite months - if for any other reason than it's usually the PERFECT weather for grilling out!

One of my activities for the month of May was to use a recipe from the Memorial day collection at  I've always been one to push the edge w/ my cooking, so when I saw the recipe for the Crunchy coconut and lime burgers I knew I had to try it!

First thing I knew was that I would NOT add the salt as the soy sauce is MORE than salty enough.  Next I left out the egg.  I didn't see the purpose in adding the egg.  I was in shock with the amount of mayonnaise the recipe called for and I dropped it to a max of 2 Tbsp per burger.   Next up...taste test!

These were given great reviews by my friends at the gun range!  Perfectly seasoned, flavourful, and the carmelised coconut was a perfect touch!  Absolutely a burger made for the grill! 

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