Friday, September 14, 2012

Progresso meets pasta

This month as an Allrecipes brand ambassador one of the brand sponsors was Progresso.  They sent out five different flavours of their new cooking sauces.  I immediately looked at the ingredient label and 4 out of the 5 cooking sauces listed water as the main (first) ingredient.  I inwardly cringed and thought the sauces would lack flavour.  I hesitated on cooking anything as I'm not paid for my time, or any ingredients I may use.

The flavours I received were: Creamy roasted garlic, Creamy portobello, Fire roasted tomato, Creamy three cheese, and Creamy Parmesan Basil.

I was given a list of recipes from which to choose and I'll admit that as a food snob I didn't want to use the products. I grudgingly settled for the easy weeknight bacon mac 'n cheese using the Creamy three cheese cooking sauce.

I'll admit to tweaking it up a little bit.  Instead of the cheese loaf (think Velveeta) I used a blend of extra sharp cheddar and mild cheddar cheese.  The sauce looked thin.  I groaned and fussed.

I put the dish together and proceeded to bake it, placed it in the oven set the timer and waited for it to cook.  I'll admit that my next reaction shocked me.  This stuff smelled good!  Seriously good.  My stomach was growling!  Finally the dish was done...and wait...where did that soupy thin sauce go to?!  I wasn't about to let this mac 'n cheese cool down.  I wanted it, and I scooped some out.  Oh wow!  This stuff tastes amazing!   I never thought I would've liked a sauce out of a can, but this really surprised me!   If you've seen the starter sauces you should give this one a try!

*Disclosure: The information and free Progresso Recipe Starters products were provided by Progresso through the Allrecipes Brand Ambassadors Program.


  1. Hy .this actually great stuff.. even for a single man who does not much cooking.. hey you got any other great holiday ideas for a man on the go..

  2. Hello and I'm glad you like this posting. You may want to check out my blog label at the bottom that says "Quick cooking" as the recipes are usually a fast recipe to make.



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