Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let's eat fish!

Fish is a food most people love to hate.  Typically it's the smell that creates the dislike.  Fresh fish tho has no "fishy" smell. If you're landlocked like me, finding a reputable grocer that has fresh fish is a challenge!

I've learned to turn to the freezer section for fish. I can hear the critics gasping in horror, but when the fish is flash frozen the quality is preserved. 

In my cooking adventure I wanted to make something fast, tasty, and healthy.  I also wanted to get a kick start on Cinco de Mayo and I did some searching until I found the perfect recipe...presenting Mexican Baked Fish.   Let me stop for a moment and make a confession. When I first saw one of the ingredients was corn chips I wrinkled up my nose as I thought "hmm corn chips - it will end up soggy".

Much to my delight the corn chips stayed crunchy!  Oh and the smooth texture of the sour cream and avocado provided the perfect texture to the the crunch from the corn chips.  The has just SIX -count 'em- ingredients!!!

Oh and get's comprised of ingredients the food pyramid god would smile about.  Lean protein, dairy, vegetables, healthy fats, etc.,

One more lovely bonus...if you're concerned about sodium intake our friends at FritoLay have introduced FRITOS® Lightly Salted Corn Chips - Yay! that means that you still get that crunchy corn chip goodness and half the salt!


  1. in refrence to Salmon, me and my boyfriend LOVE salmon grilled.. However if I don't have the grill to actually grill what is the best and simplest way to cook to get that great taste.. I love fish though had not much practice from the area I live. My boyfriend is from an area were they have lots of sea food and yet not much practice cooking. So we will learn Together .. Cookin N the Kitchen with the one you Love.. No better way to learn and Enjoy wouldn't you agree.
    Love to hear your opinion

    1. I find it terrific that you're willing to learn how to cook! I do appreciate your interest, and yes there are methods that can be used to successfully grill indoors. I have dedicated much time to obtain the cooking skills that I have, and while I would love to teach you, unfortunately I'm unable to do so for free.
      The best advise I can give is to consider taking some cooking classes. If you decide that you enjoy cooking then you will certainly want to invest in quality cookware, and gadgets.



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