Friday, June 14, 2013

How sweet it is!

Simple & Crisp I:
When most people think of sweets they often envision cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, cheesecake, and all the other calorie laden desserts out there.

I recently was introduced to a product called Simple & Crisp.

This product is both organic and is gluten-free.
My first sampling was the apple crisp. I'm not sure, but think the apple used is a Granny Smith apple. It was sweet, crisp yet had that familiar tartness. The pear crisp was by far the sweetest yet was not nearly as crisp. The orange crisp proved to be the most complex. It was both sweet, and crisp, yet due to the natural state of this crisp it was also bitter - largely due to the pith just under the orange peel.

In knowing that the Simple & Crisp company wanted pairing ideas I chose to approach the orange crisp in a direction that would highlight the citrus notes, and preserve the simple elegance of the crisp.

The first sampling I chose to dip in a dark chocolate.

I chose to also take some cannoli shells which I dipped in chocolate, then sprinkled a crushed orange crisp on top of the chocolate. I let the chocolate set before piping in a cannoli filling that I spiked w/ a hint of Grand Marnier - simple, sweet, and the perfect size for those, like myself, who usually don't indulge in desserts.

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