Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mazola Food Rave!

To those who may stop by from time to time I will start with a simple apology for neglecting my blog for SO long!  December was crazy with cooking, parties, and presents; January was busy with multiple birthdays, and I also started a new semester of college!  February was a flurry of work, college class, college assignments and FINALLY the brand ambassador program with re-launched!!!!

Having said that, on we go to the most important part...FOOD!!!  The wonderful folks at Mazola provided me a bottle of their corn oil to cook with, and included a request that I replicate two recipes.   I am excited to say that the first recipe I tried was a phenomenal success!!!  Pork Carnitas with a tomatillo cilantro sauce was bursting with freshness, and flavour!  The pork was succulent,
tender, and had a slow cooked effect (minus the cooking time slow cooking takes!), Oh and
the tomatillo cilantro sauce - it was a medley of three simple ingredients: tomatoes, tomatillos, and cilantro...simple huh?!

I got such great (translate RAVE) reviews on this recipe, it is absolutely a keeper...the bonus
it's actually GOOD for you, and is heart healthy!  While the rage has been all about EVOO for so long, recent research has shown that corn oil -like Mazola Corn Oil- is even better than EVOO at lowering bad cholesterol -which is a good thing, especially if you're a health conscious cook!

This recipe has quickly become a favourite of mine, not just because of its simplicity, but because it proves that good food that is good for you can taste fantastic!

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