Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fiesta of Flavours

My most recent Mazola recipe was another success.  I chose to make the Sweet & Spicy Salmon with grapefruit salsa.  This recipe packs a zesty kick that is only enhanced by the grapefruit salsa. 
Just made the sweet & spicy salmon w/ the grapefruit salsa. Verdict is in...winner!  Modification - instead of a grapefruit, I used a pummelo. It's a sweeter, milder fruit tasting similar to a grapefruit.
I made one minute change and that was when I chose to swap the grapefruit for the grand-daddy of citrus fruits.  The pummelo!  I did this for a variety of reasons.  The pummelo is milder, and it is also sweeter than grapefruit.  As an added bonus, pummelo has an insanely high amount of vitamin C I'm talking 619% of the recommended daily value!  The corn oil allowed the salmon to take on a slightly crispy texture, but blended beautifully with the seasonings. 
The verdict is that this is fast food to make at home, it is a healthy meal, and tastes good! 

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