Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gourmet off the grill!!!

Please accept my apologies about my delay between posts.  Between work, college, college assignments and other personal issues I fell behind - oops! 
SOOOOOO who loves food?!  Raises hand!  I live in a state where the summers can be hot, and this is a time when the grill becomes essential to cooking!
This month the brand ambassadors have  been working with Barilla, Classico, Johnsonville Italian Sausage AND the Reynolds Company! I was selected to work with Classico, and Johnsonville Italian Sausage, but decided to hop on board with the Reynolds Company as well.  #MealMagic is amazing! Have you ever cooked using a foil pouch?  If not you need too!  Cooking in foil allows for hotter food in a shorter period of time, especially when grilling out!

Have you ever had chicken masala?  Well how about chicken masala on the grill?  Well I have!  I can't begin to describe how tasty it was either!  This delicious main entrée cooks in less than 30 minutes and best of cooks in a foil pocket, so there is less mess!
Let your tastebuds take a trip to India and taste the delicious flavour of grilled chicken masala!!

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