Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Marching forward

Is it March already?!?! Where has the time gone?! Well for me, it has been insanely busy! Completing Fall Semester of college, Starting Spring Semester of College, traveling to Parris Island #IslandofMarines hehehehe OH and my home state of Florida!

Enough of my love of traveling, and let's spring forward to my love of cooking!
One of my recent finds via is Argentinian skirt steaks, which paired quite nicely with Easy Garlic Kale

I can't say I'm 100% in love with the skirt steaks...they were quick, they were easy, but quite simply they need something more...hmm a marinade, a steak sauce...something! It will be a recipe on my "to improve" list!

The kale...oh wow! Veggies anyone? This is one way to "get your green on" -simple, tasty, and fast to make! The kale needs no improvement or fixes- it's good as is!

Did someone say dessert?! Healthy chocolate mug cake  is one you will actually have guilt about, only because it's so healthy* you'll question how you can refrain from making a 2nd! To add a pop of colour, go with some yummy raspberries, and a sprig of mint leaves for garnish...oh go ahead use some whipped cream also!!!

Well before I share let me start by saying I managed to buy some quinoa flour -and a lot of it! It has an interesting taste shall I say. So much that when I made crepes it was noticeable...when I made pancakes I had to drown them with butter and syrup (who doesn't?!) when I saw these mug cakes.  I figured maybe the other ingredients would mask the taste.  Oh and did it ever!

Tweak 1 -use quinoa flour (lowers the carbohydrate level...gluten free I believe?)
Tweak 2 -as per the recipe you can use applesauce OR banana.  I used applesauce.
Tweak 3 -used agave nectar.  This is sweeter than honey. Thought behind it, you can use less.

UPcoming tweaks...I believe I will use vanilla to give it more depth.
Try it you might like it!

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