Saturday, July 11, 2015

Shout out to Smithfield/Farmland!

Yes, I know! I haven't posted a blog in about four months.  Quite simple really - combine working adult, college student, college finals, two out of state trips, not being assigned any campaigns recently and moving...I'm sure you can understand why there have been no posts lately.
NOTE: If my blog posts seem to go back in time, there is a strong chance of this occurring only b/c I have SO much AMAZING news to share!!!! June I was **FINALLY** selected to participate in a Smithfield/Farmland campaign!!!  Happy Dance!!!  I quickly browsed through the provided recipes, and had a hard time deciding which rib recipe to make, decisions, decisions!!! 
Let me tell you even the pictures were making my tummy rumble!  I eventually decided on the Traditional rub for St. Louis style ribs - the ingredients were minimal, and for this hungry girl I decided I wasn't going to wait an hour to let the ribs adjust to their coat of seasonings.
Side note to say: I do NOT own a grill.   Let me guess, you dear reader are wondering "how did she cook them?"  Simple...I decided to make dinner for my parents in return for using their grill...and not just any grill but a Holland grill - go ahead check them out too!

My changes: I normally do NOT make changes to a recipe without first making it as is. That being said, I was cooking for my parents, and my father needs to watch his salt intake. I saw 1 Tablespoon, and immediately knew I had to scale it back. I think I used 1 1/4 tsp MAX. I prefer my tastes to come from other herbs/spices anyways. Within less than 2 hours, they were cooked to perfection! My dad was thankful, and I received many compliments about how fresh, moist and tasty the ribs were. I also heard the comment "you wouldn't find ribs THIS GOOD in any restaurant!" Smithfield/Farmland you guys were the star of the show!!!

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