Friday, July 15, 2011

Casino Cuisine...

When most people think of a casino they usually think "Vegas" and have one thing in mind - gaming. I've never had a chance to go to Vegas and honestly I'm not sure I would go - unless a casino out there wanted to give me a complimentary airfare, lodging, etc.,  Personally I would rather hit off the beaten track and go to a casino along the gulf coast.

I'm the odd ball out and will say that the first thing I'll check out at a casino is the food, or casino cuisine as I call it. Most if not all casinos have a buffet, as well as upscale restaurants affording a more intimate setting. 
I was recently informed via Allrecipes of a Southern Gaming Cookoff contest where casino chefs were able to create an entree incorporating the use of Four Roses Bourbon and everyday individuals were encouraged to vote for their favourite entree up to three. 

In voting for the entrees I chose mine based on the following factors:
1. Plate appeal - did it scream "eat me"
2. Name - did it sound exciting

My top favourite for plate appeal & the name was the Blackened Prawns, Pineapple & Banana Relish,
Cilantro-Macadamia Nut Pesto & Mango Coulis
  I'm a seafood lover at heart, but this plate popped colour and had my mouth watering!  The cool part in this the recipes are available for snagging - score cha-ching...and THAT to me is a win-win situation!!!

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