Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Allrecipes: a trip down memory lane

A little over 10 years ago I first discovered Allrecipes.com.  Admittedly I didn't join right away because I had an annual subscription to a well known cooking magazine, and I also didn't have a computer at my house.  I soon began working a full time job, and as a result I had a very limited time to devote to thumbing through a magazine, finding recipes that I hoped were good, writing down a menu, writing down a grocery list, and going grocery shopping. 

I decided to buy a computer, and quickly joined the Allrecipes.com community. I loved that I didn't have to wait for a month to pass in order to have a supply of new recipes.  I enjoyed that I could save recipes that I wanted to try, I could create a menu, I could do ingredient searches for recipes, I could submit a picture for any recipe I made, and I could also share my experience via the recipe review area.

One of the memories I have that stands out to me is the year that I was away from my family for Thanksgiving. I had most of our family's Thanksgiving recipes, but there was one recipe that was absent from my collection. Through tears and homesickness I turned to Allrecipes trying to find a recipe like my granna's giblet gravy.  I will have to say that Allrecipes truly lives up to their name!  Allrecipes made the difference in my Thanksgiving dinner as I found a giblet gravy recipe that was almost identical to my granna's.

Over the past 10 years I've had many culinary challenges as well as successes, and like a cherished
friend Allrecipes has been there for me. 

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