Monday, September 3, 2012

Sausage and salad

Where has the last month gone?!  I've been traveling a LOT! In the time I've been absent I took a trip from Tampa, FL to Seattle, WA and upon my return I moved from Tampa, FL to Oklahoma City, OK!  I'm just beginning to settle down (temporarily) into Oklahoma.  I may move around a LOT, but I don't think I'll ever lose my passion for flavour.

One recent change I've made has been eating healthier.  Earlier this year I became acquainted with al Fresco sausages.  They have made their way into my kitchen on a regular basis. I'm loving their Roasted Garlic chicken sausage.  It's packed full of flavour and is also healthy -for those on a points plan it calculates out to 3 points per sausage!  Today I made a super fantastic ceasar salad (6 points!)

Can you believe this salad can be made in less than 10 minutes?!  I don't think you could drive to that overly priced sandwich, soup, and salad place and get a salad this good! 


  1. I'm knew to your Awesome blog and been going through and reading some of your suggestions.. enjoying lots.. Were have you traveled ? Has this opened your eye for flavor ect

    1. I've mainly traveled the states - I would have to double check but believe I've visited 33 states so far.
      I think it's allowed me to put twists on traditional recipes, as well as experience new cuisine that I might not have tried otherwise.

  2. By the way I'm from Ft Meyers Florida but I am now in Everette Washington. Love it here.. How did you like your visit here ? Were you in Flotida area long ?
    Well I appriciate your responce back
    Taste and enjoy life



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